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Whatever your primary challenge – weight-loss stalls, arthritis, belly fat, brain fog, fatigue, sugar addiction or something else, I will help you sort through the overwhelming and often contradictory information to simplify and overcome these challenges. We will address four pillars of health – nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management – focusing on individual goals to optimize and transform your health.  Permanent solutions are not found in time-consuming calorie counting, point systems, or expensive pre-packaged meals.  We will work together to develop personalized, manageable, lifestyle solutions so you can stop struggling and reclaim your health! 


Discover how to heal your gut and optimize your health using  a Keto based template.  This is not a diet, this is a lfiestyle.  I will help you customize a plan of action specific to your individual goals and dietary tolerances. 


Discover the freedom and power of  incorporating daily activity and interval training into your program.  It is not simply about exercising more and eating less. I will help you achieve sustainable, lifelong fitness.   


Discover the healing power of sleep.  Most people only get 6 hours of sleep but actually need 8-9 hours.  I will help you  optimize and prioritize sleep.



I will help you develop individualized tools to reduce stress and simplify your life.




Amy Love, RN

Registered Nurse, BS Exercise Physiology, Health and Wellness Consultant


My mission is to help clients who are struggling with weight gain or declining health find nutrition, exercise and lifestyle solutions to transform health.


As an experienced nurse, and as someone who has struggled with food as well, I am able to compassionately and empathetically listen to your frustrations and help you find permanent solutions to your most urgent health concerns.  I manage whole health – not simply addressing nutrition and exercise – but working together to slow and reverse the disease processes associated with aging, weight gain or chronic dieting.  

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14 or 30 Day ReSet

Transform your health & even begin reversing chronic illness by committing to a 14 or 30 day period where you eliminate the modern foods that cause disease. After you’ve “hit the reset button”  we can customize it to find the approach that works best for you over the long term. This is a plan for those who not only want to reverse chronic pain and disease, but also want to live life to the fullest.

Life after 50 Reset

Overcome the challenges of aging  such as weight gain, belly fat, sleep disturbances, hot flashes or mood changes.  Find the solutions to these unnecessary and avoidable struggles as you approach your 40s and 50s. Reclaim your youth and learn to survive and thrive life over 50.




Diabetes Type II ReSet

We will address metabolic syndrome at its core, preventing, controlling and possibly eliminating the need for insulin, in turn reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, and hypertension.  

This program varies from 3-6 months, depending on the severity of the disease process.